A spring wedding; just picture it... pretty pastels, peonies, light and refreshing food and beverage options...there are so many reasons to get married in spring. Here are a few of our top reasons to consider a spring wedding. 


1. Budget budget budget.

March, April, and May are often considered "shoulder months" for many venues and you will likely find them willing to be a bit more flexible when it comes to pricing and packages. You can often times get the most bang for your buck during the spring season. 

2. Tent anyone?

Unlike the chilly fall or winter seasons, spring is a fantastic time for a tented reception. Did you know that we host tented receptions on property at no additional fee? Just ask! 

3. Fewer conflicting events.

Spring time is not as chalk full off other commitments like summer and hoiday seasons can be. Guests don't have as many obligations to other events such as other weddings, graduations, vacations, etc. 

4. Colorful flowers and foods. 

Spring is the beginning of the blooming season, vibrant flowers are beginning to arrive, and fresh colorful produce has begun to make its was back into the local catering rotation. 

5. Umbrellas. 

Spring showers. It can be a bit of a risk to get married outdoors during the rainy season but we think the photos are totally worth it! 

Image Credits | WeddingParty by WedPics