There are moments in our lives that define us, moments so vivid that just recalling the event brings you back to that instance in time. We believe that these moments mold our character, and shape our purpose and path in life. We are defined by how we react to these moments and rise to the challenges they present.

For the Preserve Family that moment was the total loss of the Hayford Barn on the night of Nov. 12th. It had not only affected us but the local community that has enjoyed the facility for countless years, as well as all the couples who cherish the memories of their “special day” and the families that vacationed here for generations.

Sometimes it takes the worst to bring out the best in all of us, we have witnessed that from the overwhelming outpouring of love and support from everyone around us.

Now it is time to move forward. Just a week after the Fire Marshal was pouring over the charred timbers, unable to determine a cause, an excavator will begin the task of removing the debris to make way for a new structure. On Monday a design/build team complete with an architect will assemble onsite to begin the process of creating the new barn. A barn that will be old in style but new in technology and efficiency that will host weddings, events, and community gatherings for generations to come.

Until the new barn is in up and running we will host many “Best Day Evers” under a beautifully tented event space. We are so grateful and thankful that our 2017 through 2019 couples and their families have stuck with us and have showed their support for our rebuilding efforts. We look forward to delivering on our commitment to provide an incredible wedding weekend experience.

The Ice House Pavilion and Gazebo will be rebuilt and all accommodations in the Farmhouse and Cottages will be available. The new deck will have to wait until we have a barn to attach it to but will be also be completed.

We have learned that the Preserve is more than just a place to be married, hold a concert or community benefit. The Preserve has a soul and character forged by its 200+ year history. All those who have enjoyed it, have made it the legacy it has become. We look forward to continuing the legacy with wonderful families, brides, grooms, and the community. Our path forward is owed to all of you!