Today's person of the Preserve is a man of few words, with loads of talent! How we stumbled upon a gem like Mr. Jim Greene is a story of pure happenstance, it's funny how life sometimes has impeccable timing. Without Jim Greene, (Project Manager) there is no way this sprawling property would be where it is today. His carpentry, handyman skills, and his good ole Yankee work ethic make Jim an irreplaceable member of our team. Here is what Jim had to say during his interview...

What was your project at The Preserve today?

Replace the Great Room ceiling.

What do you like best about being a steward to the Preserve? 

Working with Ed.

What had been your favorite project to date?

"The Barn doors, they are pretty nifty." Jim and Ed repaired the old barn doors on the back side of the barn and made them completely functional again. We agree...pretty NIFTY! 

Where were you and your wife married?

We had a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception at her parent’s house in Holderness, NH

How long have you been married?

Forty Two Years

What is at the top of your bucket list to do with your wife?

Hayford barn doors that Jim brought back to life. 

Hayford barn doors that Jim brought back to life. 

Travel back to England.

Advice to our newly married Preserve couples?

Remember these things, It takes two to tango. You have to always give and take, but most of all remember; behind every good man is a better woman.