Winter in July.

While the summer temperatures may be rising in the Northeast, we are planning ahead for a winter season like none other here at The Preserve. With our cozy Farmhouse fully restored and finished, a Carriage House for extra guests, and a heated barn for 200, we are the stuff winter wedding dreams are made of.  If you are considering a winter wedding or special event here are some advantages to booking in the snowy season. 

The Preserve at Chocorua Barn during a snowfall.

The Preserve at Chocorua Barn during a snowfall.

An intimate Gathering

Winter and holiday time means visiting family and friends, endless parties and gatherings. Many people have obligations during the holidays so if you prefer a romantic smaller intimate gathering a winter wedding might be for you. 

The Scenery

A fresh dusting of pure white snow...need we say more? 

Image Credit: The Knot

Image Credit: The Knot

Free Decor 

Many venues decorate for the holiday season, giving you a built in wedding and event bonus of free decor, which we all know can be a large chunk of the budget. 

It's Unique & Different

From November - March picking an off beat date will set your big day apart from all the others. And who doesn't want to liven up what can sometimes be a dreary time of year with a big celebration? 

Vendor Availability 

Venues and vendors that are in high demand during peak wedding season often book two, sometimes even three years out. It comes down to simple supply and demand; there are only so many June - October weekends available. Booking during the "off peak" times means more availability and sometimes even a better rate. 


An endless assortment of comfort food options are totally appropriate for this chilly season. Think rich soup shooters, endless dessert displays, hot cocoa bars...the possibilities are endless and YUMMY!