Featured Wedding Couple | Courtney & David

We have the distinct honor of hosting Courtney and David as our very first wedding couple here at The Preserve. June is filled with weddings, graduations, and family reunions here at The Preserve. The "wedding gods" were smiling down on us all when this couple found our venue. Their date of June 11th just happened to be our last remaining June date, and as you will read from their story, it was June 11th or bust! 

Why June 11th 2016? (from their wedding website) 

We would like to share with you why we chose Saturday, June 11th, 2016 for our special wedding date! Our apologies to friends and families for the late notice and quick planning.

This past Christmas, Dave received an incredibly special gift from his Grandmother. Dave opened the gift handed to him by Grammy, in the original box was the ring of Grammy's late husband Bob Holmes. Honored and in tears the ring slid perfectly onto the ring finger of Dave. The gold well-worn ring was inscribed "Merm to Bob 6-11-49 Forever".

With no particular date planned for Dave and Courtney, coincidently the date of June 11th, landed on a Saturday in 2016. Not only was receiving the ring a great honor but to share a wedding date with his grandparents is a tremendous way to have Papi apart of the upcoming wedding.

What made you choose The Preserve as your wedding venue? 

We chose the Preserve as our wedding venue because of the location and beautiful property. When Dave and I first started to hang out we loved to hike (Mt. Washington was our first hike together)! We love the thought of being close to the White Mountains and having a destination wedding weekend with all of our loved ones. It is a place that feels so far away yet driving distance for most.

What unique elements of your wedding and or the property of are you most excited about seeing come to life on the big day? 

The unique elements would include the emerging summer landscape. We have visions of the barn doors open and the property being flooded with dear friends and family.

How are you putting your "personal stamp" on your big day? 

Our personal stamp will include our 3 dogs who will be apart of the festivities and potentially finding a ceremony site with a mountainous view.