Today on the blog we bring you a woman of many many talents...Miss Neysa Packard. She is hands down one of the most gracious hostesses we know. She and her husband Kimball of The Farmstand Bed & Breakfast were the very first folks to give us a warm welcome here in Chocorua! We are totally in love with their stellar wedding photo! Her dress could easily be worn today, classic, simple, elegant, and those on trend long sleeves...check it out! 

How did you find your home in Chocorua? 

We found it through Zillow. We had lived in the Valley before as owners of the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson 1982,1983 and 1984. We loved it but wanted to be on the southern end so we could get into Boston as we used to spend a lot of time there. As it turns out we have only been back once in the past year.

What made you pick Chocorua / Tamworth? 

We knew Tamworth as Kimball went to school with George Cleveland and we were good friends of Fred and Ramona Stafford that owned your property back then. We visited as many times as our schedule would allow. When our life turned up-side-down last year and we decided to make a change in our lives and lifestyle.

How long have you been making Gingerbread Houses? 

I started making gingerbread houses 40+ years ago as family gifts for Kimball's cousins and my sister and brother's families. At first it was only 6 houses. It grew to 15+ houses and I was holding down a full time job so I decided to start the family tradition of a gingerbread house decorating party. It has been going on now for 40 years and is the way we kick off the holiday season just after Thanksgiving. Every year I make a few to sell at the local Farmers Market and such. It was all by word of mouth and I have some regular customers.

How did you learn to build these houses? 

I learned how to make gingerbread houses from a previous employer and still very good friend, Judy Kitzmiller Schenk back in 1976. We mixed the dough to make one house each. She guided me through the whole process. I was hooked and there was no turning back.

Where did you get your Gingerbread recipe? 

Kimball's cousin, Arthur DeAngelis owned an Italian bakery in East Boston which had been passed down through his family. He had an employee, Billy, that gave me this recipe when he learned that I made them once a year, turning the Italian bakery into a German bakery for just one day. The recipe he gave me made dough for 30 houses. At one point I was doubling the recipe! 

What day and year were you married? 

We were married at 11:00 am on July 5th, 1975 at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. Originally I wanted to be married around Christmas in the evening in a small church with candlelight and snow softly falling to the ground that would not interfere with traveling to and from the event. Then I decided there was no point in pushing my luck. Kimball is born on Christmas and I was born on Valentines Day, so I thought it would be better to celebrate our special day in the summer. Because we had part of the wedding party coming from Michigan where we had gone to college, we chose the day after Independence Day as it gave us a long weekend to help everyone traveling.

What were the wedding trends when you got married?

Honestly, I like what I like and am not much at pay attention to trends. I had la long sleeved gown. When others were having large formal flowers, I went with a simple bouquets of yellow roses and daisies. Mine had additional White lilies and some small white waxy trumpet flowers.

Did you have a wedding song? 

We didn't have a song as we liked the Theme from Mash. The band didn't know it and my parents thought it was inappropriate so I passed on a song. I danced with my father to "Daddy's Little Girl".

What kind of cake did you have? 

I had a wedding cake made by the baker at the Monoosnock Country Club. It was vanilla cake and was decorated with daisies. We waited for the band to go on break and ran for the cake to cut it as I did not want anyone singing a song while we shared that special moment. There was no smashing of cake and most people didn't even get a picture because we were so quick.

How did Kimball propose? 

Kimball proposed just before Christmas while we were Christmas shopping for a watch for his father in a jewelry store in Wakefield, MA. 

Best advice to couples starting a life together? 

My advice is to never go to bed angry. Always work out situations that upset you by talking them out before your head hits the pillow. Remember that you are getting married because you want to spend time together; don't let life in the way of that.