Bridal Inspiration Boards

First comes the proposal, next comes the Pinterest boards! Since the introduction of Pinterest, wedding planning has been taken to a whole new level of intensity. It has totally revolutionized the way couples plan their weddings. Pinterest is a wonderful tool to use as a spring board to start the planning and creative process. Often times brides become so overwhelmed with a plethora of unrelated images that it can be hard to focus in on their own "bridal style." So how does one determine their own unique style and start pulling all the elements together to tell their wedding day story? Say hello to the inspiration board. 

We recommend starting with good old fashioned scissors, glue, and paper. Start clipping only your "must have" and "absolutely love" images. Clearing the bridal clutter we call it. Think of your inspiration board as the chance to tell your unique story and put your vision on paper. Having a visual of each chapter of your story will help you create an overall cohesive and polished looked. Here are a few snapshots of just one of the inspiration boards we have been working on for one of our spring 2016 brides.