Title: Whiskey Fish and Fire

Category: An Adventure of Traditions and Experiences

Date: October 1st & 2nd 2019

Fee: 495.00*Does not include lodging

Live fire dinner with Erica Boynton

Guests will experience a fireside meal that reflects the rich harvests yielded by our rivers and lakes, wild edibles of the forests and mountains, as well as the seasonal products of local farms and market gardens. All dishes will be prepared on our outdoor open hearth using  a blend of New England cookery methods. Guests are invited to watch and ask questions as their meal simmers, bakes, roasts and boils! The menu will feature farm raised meat, local fish & vegetables prepared with authentic, historic recipes and seasonal ingredients. All will be accompanied by hearth baked biscuits, dessert and  berry shrub.   

Intro to Fly Fishing with Steve Angers

Come and explore the beautiful sport of Fly Fishing with the folks from North Country Angler. This half day course will teach you everything you need to know to get started on the life long voyage that is angling for trout on the fly. In this class you will review rods, reels, lines and other fishing accessories. You will be familiarized with the correct process of fly selection and fly casting.