This People of the Preserve installment holds a special place in our hearts. We did a write up on this fantastic couple before they were married, and now here we are coming full circle! This June bride was the epitome of elegance and grace. When the weather didn't necessarily cooperate she refused to let that ruffle her wedding day feathers, and chose to embrace with a warm and cozy barn ceremony. 

What did you look forward to most about having your wedding at The Preserve?

The thing I looked forward to the most was getting to marry the love of my life in my dream wedding location with my family and friends.

What do you think was the most unique part of your wedding?

The most unique part of our wedding was that all of our family and friends helped us make our special day. My aunt catered the wedding, my friend was the DJ and the officiant was Luke's uncle! 

What was your first dance song?

Our first dance song was L-O-V-E  by Nat King Cole.

Would you share your favorite photo of the day with US? There were so many, we couldn’t pick, so we want you to pick.

In one word, close your eyes and what is the first word you think of when you think of your wedding?

The word I thought of was Perfect :)

Thank you Liz & Luke for sharing such a special day with us, and as always to our followers be sure to "like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Instagram for the most up to date info on all our happenings! 


What does it take to get a published feature on a nationally known wedding blog? A lot of hard work, an "A" team of vendors, and some jaw dropping images that you just can't look away from! 

Before all the pretty images come to the surface A LOT of unglamorous (is that a word?) work happens behind the scenes, in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the shoot. Here is just a glimpse of our little world and the behind the scenes action! 

First: We road trip to the location! New Hampshire here we come! As many of you know Mary & Ed are on site day to day, and Samantha is very much behind the scenes answering calls, composing contracts, creating and executing marketing material, and ensuring that photo shoots go off without a hitch! Banks (2) and Penn (6months) were along for the 23 hour ride! 

Next, we prepped photo shoot props and styled rooms. No pillow was left unfluffed, no bed skirt was left untouched. 


Model prep, photographers on site, we are ready to roll! Oh and yes those are two babies on the living room couch enjoying Sesame Street & munching on what I'm sure are sugar filled snacks while mom works! Real life folks! 


And the styling begins...


Some outside shots from the day. Every single one of the vendors involved braved the frigid temperatures to capture just the perfect shot! 


And the final product...

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek behind the scenes of a styled shoot. All of the fantastic vendors are listed blow and you can find the post from Cake & Lace here. 




A spring wedding; just picture it... pretty pastels, peonies, light and refreshing food and beverage options...there are so many reasons to get married in spring. Here are a few of our top reasons to consider a spring wedding. 


1. Budget budget budget.

March, April, and May are often considered "shoulder months" for many venues and you will likely find them willing to be a bit more flexible when it comes to pricing and packages. You can often times get the most bang for your buck during the spring season. 

2. Tent anyone?

Unlike the chilly fall or winter seasons, spring is a fantastic time for a tented reception. Did you know that we host tented receptions on property at no additional fee? Just ask! 

3. Fewer conflicting events.

Spring time is not as chalk full off other commitments like summer and hoiday seasons can be. Guests don't have as many obligations to other events such as other weddings, graduations, vacations, etc. 

4. Colorful flowers and foods. 

Spring is the beginning of the blooming season, vibrant flowers are beginning to arrive, and fresh colorful produce has begun to make its was back into the local catering rotation. 

5. Umbrellas. 

Spring showers. It can be a bit of a risk to get married outdoors during the rainy season but we think the photos are totally worth it! 

Image Credits | WeddingParty by WedPics 


On the eve of Super Bowl we thought it fitting to post a blog about "how to tastefully incorporate sports into your reception." Many couples have strong ties spanning the generations to their beloved sports teams. Some of our couples have even met on the playing field! So it goes without saying that sports can play a big role in our lives. We have come up with a few fantastic ways to give a nod to all things sports during your special event or reception. 



Display your guest seating cards on a perfectly manicured section of grass. Color, texture, fun! 


Elevate the traditional tailgate setup by incorporating unexpected pieces in a fun way. Don't just serve ice cold beer, serve it out of the back of a vintage truck. How fun is that? 

Image Via | Southern Weddings 

Image Via | Southern Weddings 


Incorporating fun tailgate foods into the reception is a given. We love a "mini" anything, but these crispy loaded mini hasselback potatoes are sure to be a winner! 




A nod to your favorite team (THE PATRIOTS OF COURSE) on game day can easily be accomplished through a fun dessert or a Grooms cake. 


Have a safe, happy, and fun Super Bowl! Go Pats! 


Today's person of the Preserve is a man of few words, with loads of talent! How we stumbled upon a gem like Mr. Jim Greene is a story of pure happenstance, it's funny how life sometimes has impeccable timing. Without Jim Greene, (Project Manager) there is no way this sprawling property would be where it is today. His carpentry, handyman skills, and his good ole Yankee work ethic make Jim an irreplaceable member of our team. Here is what Jim had to say during his interview...

What was your project at The Preserve today?

Replace the Great Room ceiling.

What do you like best about being a steward to the Preserve? 

Working with Ed.

What had been your favorite project to date?

"The Barn doors, they are pretty nifty." Jim and Ed repaired the old barn doors on the back side of the barn and made them completely functional again. We agree...pretty NIFTY! 

Where were you and your wife married?

We had a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception at her parent’s house in Holderness, NH

How long have you been married?

Forty Two Years

What is at the top of your bucket list to do with your wife?

Hayford barn doors that Jim brought back to life. 

Hayford barn doors that Jim brought back to life. 

Travel back to England.

Advice to our newly married Preserve couples?

Remember these things, It takes two to tango. You have to always give and take, but most of all remember; behind every good man is a better woman. 


A celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinook, who at one time was the most famous dog in the world, will be held Jan. 13-15 at Camp Cody in Freedom. Also the New England Sled Dog Club (established in 1924) will host one of the oldest sled dog races in the country. The event, hosted by the Tamworth Outing Club, will be held this winter on Lake Chocorua on the weekend of Feb. 4-5, the same weekend as the Remick Country Doctor Museum's annual winter carnival.

Enjoy this read on one of the most beloved breed of dogs, and the rich history of our area. Be sure not to miss the sled dog action this winter! 

Left, Arthur Walden's team of Chinooks in North Conway. (Courtesy photo)

Left, Arthur Walden's team of Chinooks in North Conway. (Courtesy photo)

Right, Chinook and team at Wonalancet. (Courtesy Perry Greene Kennels)

Right, Chinook and team at Wonalancet. (Courtesy Perry Greene Kennels)

Celebration of 100th anniversary of Chinook’s birth planned in January


(Editor's note: This is the first of a three-part series on Chinooks in honor of the breed's 100th anniversary.)

TAMWORTH — A celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinook will be held Jan. 13-15 at Camp Cody in Freedom. Chinook was born on Jan. 17, 1917 at the 1,300-acre Wonalancet Farm and Inn owned by Arthur Walden and his wife, Kate. And like Walden, he would come to occupy an important part in the history of sled dogs, racing and exploration.
Chinook dog owner Bob Cottrell of Freedom, director of the Conway Public Library's Henney History Room and a past director of the Remick Country Doctor Museum in Tamworth, says that the event is being organized by the Chinook Owners Association and is expected to draw Chinooks and their owners from all over the Northeast for a variety of outdoors activities and programs on the history of the Chinooks, who are the state dog of New Hampshire.
Cottrell delivers lectures around the state for the New Hampshire Humanities Council on Chinook history and says that Walden played a major role in sled dog racing history by helping to organize the New England Sled Dog Club in 1924 and in bringing the oldest continuing sled dog race in the country to Tamworth that same year. The event, hosted by the Tamworth Outing Club, will be held this winter on Lake Chocorua on the weekend of Feb. 4-5, the same weekend as the Remick Country Doctor Museum's annual winter carnival.
Cottrell says that he and his wife, Debra, have owned their Chinook, Tug, who is registered as Mountain Laurel Tamworth Tugger, since they acquired him as a puppy in 2005.
Cottrell says that Tug now weighs about 90 pounds, which is very close to the weight of Chinook in his prime. In fact he is from the direct purebred line of Chinook's DNA and was obtained by the Cottrells with the help of Rick Skoglund of Perry Greene Kennels of Waldoboro, Maine, who has worked to preserve the breed and Chinook's original bloodline.
Skoglund wrote a history of the breed in which he says that in 1896, Walden, the 24-year-old son of a Boston minister, left Wonalancet, and his job as farm manager of Katherine (Kate) Sleeper's Wonalancet Farm, and headed to the gold fields of Alaska.
Skoglund writes "Driven by his sense of adventure, he took every job that came his way: prospector, logger, stevedore, river pilot; and the job that he was most taken with, "dog punching" (hauling freight by dogsled). Walden returned to Wonalancet six years later, and in December of 1902, he and Kate Sleeper married. Walden had dog sledding in his blood, but quality sled dogs were not available in New England, so he brought a variety of dogs to Wonalancet and began breeding for dogs that possessed his ideal combination of strength, endurance, speed and good nature.
"He desired a friendly, gentle dog that had tremendous power, endurance and speed. Walden purchased a mastiff-type dog named Kim that was a stray from Danvers, Massachusetts. He later bred Kim to Ningo, a direct descendent of Admiral Peary's famous Greenland Husky lead dog Polaris. Three tawny colored pups were whelped on Jan. 17, 1917, and named Rikki, Tikki and Tavi after Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Rikki produce those traits which Walden desired and was later renamed Chinook in honor of a wonderful lead dog Walden had left behind in Alaska. Tikki was later renamed Hootchinoo."
Chinook grew to be a massive 95- to 105-pound animal. During the early 1920s Chinook was bred to German and Belgian shepherd working types and perhaps other husky-type dogs. The offspring were then bred back to Chinook to found the breed known today as the Chinook.
Skoglund wrote "With Chinook's offspring, Walden was finally getting the quality of dogs that he was accustomed to working with. In 1920, his new line of what he called "Husky half-breds" made their debut at the Gorham, New Hampshire, Winter Carnival. Walden began to seriously promote dog sledding for draft, recreation and sport. Racing in New England started a year later when Walden began promoting freighting by dogsled to the woodsmen as a faster, more economical way to move supplies to their logging camps. Walden convinced W. R. Brown's paper company of Berlin, New Hampshire to sponsor the first Eastern International Dog Derby in 1922 in part to encourage more people to breed quality sled dogs in the region. Four teams competed in this 123-mile race, Walden, with Chinook in lead, won easily."
The race generated international publicity and was on the front page of The New York Times, making Chinook the most famous dog in the world at that time.
Skoglund wrote "In 1923, a distemper outbreak in Chinook Kennel took its toll, and Walden lost his entire 1922 winning team, except for Chinook himself. Walden took two years off from racing to concentrate on breeding another competitive team, but never stopped supporting the sport. In 1924, the New England Sled Dog Club held its organizational meeting in Arthur Walden's home, and elected Walden its first president. The club is still actively promoting sled dog racing today. In 1925, Walden returned to racing with a young but promising team of Chinook's sons, and proclaiming his Chinook-shepherd crosses as his ideal for strength and stamina. The popularity of Walden's "Chinook dogs" was growing; and, boosted by his January 1926 win at the Poland Spring, Maine, race, interest was such that Walden was beginning to sell a few matched teams of his dogs to other racers as well. In March of 1926, Walden and his team set out on an adventure that he had been considering for years, but which most people considered impossible: the first ascent of Mount Washington by dog team. While turned back by a blizzard on the first attempt, Walden and his team, with old Chinook in lead again, and accompanied by several newspaper reporters and photographers, successfully made the 8 miles to the summit in eight hours' time.
"Among the racing community Walden's dogs' popularity was short lived. After gaining recognition for their part in the 1925 Nome Serum Run, Leonhard Seppala and 40 of his Siberian Huskies left Alaska and embarked on a national tour. Seppala's tour landed in New England in late 1926 for the winter's race season. In January 1927, while at the Poland Spring, Maine, race, Seppala's Siberians proved themselves much faster than anything New England had to offer and they gained instant popularity. Seppala established a breeding kennel in Maine to supply his Siberian Huskies to the racers in New England." But that wasn't the end of the line for Walden, who turned his attention to a new venture, Admiral Byrd's Antarctic expedition, which will be detailed in the next installment.

Bob Cottrell and Tug. (Courtesy photo)

Bob Cottrell and Tug. (Courtesy photo)


Today on the blog we bring you a woman of many many talents...Miss Neysa Packard. She is hands down one of the most gracious hostesses we know. She and her husband Kimball of The Farmstand Bed & Breakfast were the very first folks to give us a warm welcome here in Chocorua! We are totally in love with their stellar wedding photo! Her dress could easily be worn today, classic, simple, elegant, and those on trend long sleeves...check it out! 

How did you find your home in Chocorua? 

We found it through Zillow. We had lived in the Valley before as owners of the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson 1982,1983 and 1984. We loved it but wanted to be on the southern end so we could get into Boston as we used to spend a lot of time there. As it turns out we have only been back once in the past year.

What made you pick Chocorua / Tamworth? 

We knew Tamworth as Kimball went to school with George Cleveland and we were good friends of Fred and Ramona Stafford that owned your property back then. We visited as many times as our schedule would allow. When our life turned up-side-down last year and we decided to make a change in our lives and lifestyle.

How long have you been making Gingerbread Houses? 

I started making gingerbread houses 40+ years ago as family gifts for Kimball's cousins and my sister and brother's families. At first it was only 6 houses. It grew to 15+ houses and I was holding down a full time job so I decided to start the family tradition of a gingerbread house decorating party. It has been going on now for 40 years and is the way we kick off the holiday season just after Thanksgiving. Every year I make a few to sell at the local Farmers Market and such. It was all by word of mouth and I have some regular customers.

How did you learn to build these houses? 

I learned how to make gingerbread houses from a previous employer and still very good friend, Judy Kitzmiller Schenk back in 1976. We mixed the dough to make one house each. She guided me through the whole process. I was hooked and there was no turning back.

Where did you get your Gingerbread recipe? 

Kimball's cousin, Arthur DeAngelis owned an Italian bakery in East Boston which had been passed down through his family. He had an employee, Billy, that gave me this recipe when he learned that I made them once a year, turning the Italian bakery into a German bakery for just one day. The recipe he gave me made dough for 30 houses. At one point I was doubling the recipe! 

What day and year were you married? 

We were married at 11:00 am on July 5th, 1975 at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. Originally I wanted to be married around Christmas in the evening in a small church with candlelight and snow softly falling to the ground that would not interfere with traveling to and from the event. Then I decided there was no point in pushing my luck. Kimball is born on Christmas and I was born on Valentines Day, so I thought it would be better to celebrate our special day in the summer. Because we had part of the wedding party coming from Michigan where we had gone to college, we chose the day after Independence Day as it gave us a long weekend to help everyone traveling.

What were the wedding trends when you got married?

Honestly, I like what I like and am not much at pay attention to trends. I had la long sleeved gown. When others were having large formal flowers, I went with a simple bouquets of yellow roses and daisies. Mine had additional White lilies and some small white waxy trumpet flowers.

Did you have a wedding song? 

We didn't have a song as we liked the Theme from Mash. The band didn't know it and my parents thought it was inappropriate so I passed on a song. I danced with my father to "Daddy's Little Girl".

What kind of cake did you have? 

I had a wedding cake made by the baker at the Monoosnock Country Club. It was vanilla cake and was decorated with daisies. We waited for the band to go on break and ran for the cake to cut it as I did not want anyone singing a song while we shared that special moment. There was no smashing of cake and most people didn't even get a picture because we were so quick.

How did Kimball propose? 

Kimball proposed just before Christmas while we were Christmas shopping for a watch for his father in a jewelry store in Wakefield, MA. 

Best advice to couples starting a life together? 

My advice is to never go to bed angry. Always work out situations that upset you by talking them out before your head hits the pillow. Remember that you are getting married because you want to spend time together; don't let life in the way of that. 


Here it is our very first installment of "PEOPLE OF THE PRESERVE"

With a full season under our belt we felt that it was important to showcase the people who have made this incredible journey possible. From our beautiful couples, to landscapers, the housekeeping staff, to the oil delivery man! Each and every person has invested in making this dream a reality, and each one has his or her own interesting story to tell. So here she is....Miss Sharon DeWees!

Shannon Preserve


Works with Ed and Gerry Phelps on a master landscape and hardscape plan for The 26 acres.  Maintains flower beds, window boxes and ALL of the gardens. 


Today she planted over 750 Daffodil bulbs for next year’s early brides. We think she will sleep well tonight after that work day! 


Sharon and her husband Harvey, a retired pharmacist have been Married for forty six years. Preserve couples take note of that! 

Sharon’s word of advice to our newly married couples...Communicate and Share your thoughts.

What do Sharon and Harvey now that Harvey has retired? They ride their Harley and they love to travel. They spend their winters in Sun City Arizona and spend summers taking their camper and traveling to places like Lake George, Bar Harbor, Pennsylvania, and Vermont .

Her favorite Number is 3. Three sons, three daughter in laws and three grandchildren. LUCKY 3! 

We so appreciate all the hard work Sharon does for us, and her investment in our story. Thank you Sharon. 


Engagement Photo Tips

It has been far too long since our last post! (sorry) With weddings and events winding down a bit between now and the holidays we are excited to dive back into our blog posts. We promise not to leave you hanging for that long again. So without further ado lets talk engagement photos! Are you taking your engagement photos soon? Already taken them? Here are some tips and ideas for you. 



This one is a given. We all love and cherish our four legged family members, make sure to include them in such an important photo shoot. We think this Preserve couple nailed it when it came to including their pup. 




Get a cute holiday shot during your photo shoot for all your holiday cards that you will be sending to friends and family. And bonus you have a cute holiday photo of your first "engaged couple" Christmas. 



Choose a location that creates an interesting backdrop and you are sure to capture some stunning images. Natural settings are always winners. Think lakeside, mountain top, beach, a forest setting, rolling fields, pretty much anything that creates additional visual interest. 

Last but not least HAVE FUN! Try and relax and be yourself, much easier said than done! Take this as an opportunity to really get to know your photographer and his or her style. Ask questions, be silly, be open to different ideas, and trust the professional you hired to make you look stellar in your photos! 




With summer in full swing there is plenty to do in the White Mountain Region, including events right in our own backyard. If you are in the Tamworth / Chocorua area check out this upcoming festival! 


The Annual Chocorua Day Festival is Saturday, July 30 beginning at 9 am with the Chocorua Library Book Sale and the Indoor Yard Sale at the Chocorua Community Church.  

At 10am Art Works presents the 2016 Art Show and Sale in Runnells Hall. This runs from 10am to 4 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.  The public is invited to An Artists' Reception on Friday from 6 to 8 pm to meet the many artists whose works will be on display, sponsored by the Arts Council of Tamworth.

The stories of Tamworth's Colorful History will be told by Marion Posner and friends starting at 10:30 in the morning in front of the Library. A delicious BBQ lunch will be served from 11 am to 1 pm as the Dixieland Dandies perform traditional jazz and favorite sing-a-long tunes. The Boy Scouts of Troop 151 will serve popcorn. Tours of the new Chocorua Park and Dam will be conducted throughout the morning and a self-guided walk featuring "A Tamworth Meditation", a poem written by Richard Posner, will be displayed in the park.

Highlighting the festival will be the presentation of the Citizen of the Year Award by the Chocorua Community Association's President John Gotjen at 1pm. This recognition is given annually to recognize individuals who have made a positive contribution to the culture and quality of life of the community. 

The Chocorua Day Festival is located on the grounds of Runnells Hall on Rte 113 just east of the Rte. 16 intersection. Hope to see you there!

Winter in July.

While the summer temperatures may be rising in the Northeast, we are planning ahead for a winter season like none other here at The Preserve. With our cozy Farmhouse fully restored and finished, a Carriage House for extra guests, and a heated barn for 200, we are the stuff winter wedding dreams are made of.  If you are considering a winter wedding or special event here are some advantages to booking in the snowy season. 

The Preserve at Chocorua Barn during a snowfall.

The Preserve at Chocorua Barn during a snowfall.

An intimate Gathering

Winter and holiday time means visiting family and friends, endless parties and gatherings. Many people have obligations during the holidays so if you prefer a romantic smaller intimate gathering a winter wedding might be for you. 

The Scenery

A fresh dusting of pure white snow...need we say more? 

Image Credit: The Knot

Image Credit: The Knot

Free Decor 

Many venues decorate for the holiday season, giving you a built in wedding and event bonus of free decor, which we all know can be a large chunk of the budget. 

It's Unique & Different

From November - March picking an off beat date will set your big day apart from all the others. And who doesn't want to liven up what can sometimes be a dreary time of year with a big celebration? 

Vendor Availability 

Venues and vendors that are in high demand during peak wedding season often book two, sometimes even three years out. It comes down to simple supply and demand; there are only so many June - October weekends available. Booking during the "off peak" times means more availability and sometimes even a better rate. 


An endless assortment of comfort food options are totally appropriate for this chilly season. Think rich soup shooters, endless dessert displays, hot cocoa bars...the possibilities are endless and YUMMY! 





Featured Wedding Couple | Jennifer & Allen

Some wedding couples just exude an effortless and cool vibe; Jennifer and Allen are one of those couples. With their laid-back summer soiree just around the corner, we wanted to get the inside scoop on some of their details. We see lots of front porch sittin' and sippin' happening with friends and family during their special weekend! Congrats Jennifer & Allen! 

Was there a reason you chose a summer wedding?

Once he proposed in March, I just couldn't find a reason why we should wait!  Summer in New Hampshire is a beautiful time!

Do you have a color scheme you are working with for your big day?

Yellow (Sunflower) and Blue (Royal)

P.S. We can't WAIT to see this bright, colorful, and classic color combo! Sure to be stunning! 

Why did you choose those colors?

Summer and Simple

What role did the groom play in planning?

Allen has been my partner throughout our planning, it has been a team effort!

What are you most looking forward to on your big day?

The ceremony of course, but the fact that we have the ability to stretch our celebration over several days with family and friends is what I am so excited about. The Preserve offered exactly what we were looking for.

Featured Wedding Couple | Liz & Luke

Sometimes you just hear the story of a couple and know that their big day is going to be filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt emotions. Liz & Luke have a pretty neat story about how they found this place, and the good old dancin' days of years gone by! From the hand made desserts, to a special tribute to family, their day is sure to capture the essence and meaning of what a wedding is all about. We are so looking forward to being a part of such a special day. 

What attracted you to the White Mountain Area, and more specifically the Preserve for your wedding day? 

For both myself and Luke, the White Mountain Area was always one of our favorite vacation spots. My family, being from Massachusetts, had a family cabin located there, and Luke would come up from his home in Arizona every summer to visit his family there. We both love the beautiful New Hampshire scenery and all that the area has to offer. 

I heard about the Preserve from Luke's grandparents who would often go dancing there in their younger years. We specifically chose the Preserve because of how beautiful it is and also that it had both a reception space and a ceremony space. It was a perfect fit for what I was looking for!

Are there any special and or meaningful family traditions you will be incorporating into your big day? 

As tradition we are having Luke's uncle officiate the wedding. A few of my aunts and my grandmother will be making their favorite pies to go along with the cake. It seems to be tradition to always have great desserts at our family get togethers! 

We are also choosing to honor Luke's father who passed by playing a song in remembrance of him.

We are very excited to have our special day at the Preserve !

The Art of the Wedding Welcome Bag.

There is something to be said for a perfectly curated wedding welcome bag. It helps to set the tone for the weekend ahead and creates a sense of excitement for things to come. Make your out of town guests feel right at home with some hand picked items that are a reflection of the region you chose to tie the knot in! Always include the essentials such as bottled water, emergency contact numbers, and snacks, then mix in some of our picks to create the ultimate wedding weekend swag bag.


Choose a unique Vessel 

Ideally something reusable, like a tote bag that guests can reuse. Also pick something that can serve as a reminder of their memorable trip to New Hampshire.


Make sure that guests know how to get around the area if they would like to explore. Mark major landmarks and happenings on a map for them, such as wedding ceremony location, reception location, sights of interests, trails, lakes, etc. 

Include an itinerary with times and locations of key events happening throughout the weekend. Also be sure to provide a contact number (ideally not yours) just in case guests need to get in touch with someone. 

Local Goodies 

Local and seasonal snacks are always a treat. Here are a few suggestions. 

The "Tamworth" Cookie from the Lyceum.

New Hampshire Maple might even snag some that we tapped right here on property! 

Local Spirits from the Tamworth Distillery

Apple Cider Donuts. You can find these little tasty delights throughout the state in the fall. 


A Touch of Luxury 

Make your guests feel at home. A lovely scented hand lotion, some herbal tea, a hand poured candle, or some fresh flowers will do the trick. 

Weather Related Necessities 

Time of year and season play a big part of this one. Add in necessities that make sense for the season. Bug spray, chap stick, sunscreen, a cozy hat or warm mittens for winter. You get the idea. 

A Personalized Note

Complete the package with a heartfelt short and sweet thank you note letting your guests know how much you appreciate them taking the time to celebrate with you. 

Featured Wedding Couple | Courtney & David

We have the distinct honor of hosting Courtney and David as our very first wedding couple here at The Preserve. June is filled with weddings, graduations, and family reunions here at The Preserve. The "wedding gods" were smiling down on us all when this couple found our venue. Their date of June 11th just happened to be our last remaining June date, and as you will read from their story, it was June 11th or bust! 

Why June 11th 2016? (from their wedding website) 

We would like to share with you why we chose Saturday, June 11th, 2016 for our special wedding date! Our apologies to friends and families for the late notice and quick planning.

This past Christmas, Dave received an incredibly special gift from his Grandmother. Dave opened the gift handed to him by Grammy, in the original box was the ring of Grammy's late husband Bob Holmes. Honored and in tears the ring slid perfectly onto the ring finger of Dave. The gold well-worn ring was inscribed "Merm to Bob 6-11-49 Forever".

With no particular date planned for Dave and Courtney, coincidently the date of June 11th, landed on a Saturday in 2016. Not only was receiving the ring a great honor but to share a wedding date with his grandparents is a tremendous way to have Papi apart of the upcoming wedding.

What made you choose The Preserve as your wedding venue? 

We chose the Preserve as our wedding venue because of the location and beautiful property. When Dave and I first started to hang out we loved to hike (Mt. Washington was our first hike together)! We love the thought of being close to the White Mountains and having a destination wedding weekend with all of our loved ones. It is a place that feels so far away yet driving distance for most.

What unique elements of your wedding and or the property of are you most excited about seeing come to life on the big day? 

The unique elements would include the emerging summer landscape. We have visions of the barn doors open and the property being flooded with dear friends and family.

How are you putting your "personal stamp" on your big day? 

Our personal stamp will include our 3 dogs who will be apart of the festivities and potentially finding a ceremony site with a mountainous view.

Your Wedding Weekend | Guest Experience

One of the most valuable and unique characteristics of The Preserve is that we offer you a full wedding weekend experience. Our sprawling estate is yours from Thursday - Sunday. Enjoy an early check in on Thursday to settle in and begin your wedding preparations; and take your time wrapping up your weekend of memories with a mid morning brunch before departure. So how do you create a memorable weekend for friends and family during your special weekend? We have some fantastic ideas for you that will keep your guests entertained and asking for more. 


A Wedding Flotilla


Enjoy a relaxing day floating down the crystal clear waters of the Saco River. It is the perfect place for river tubing! The Saco River averages 3 feet deep with some small rapids, lots of sandy beaches and some rope swings for the more adventurous. Pack a lunch and some afternoon beverages, and you have a whole day of fun and entertainment.



Zip line over and through the trees! Indulge your sense of adventure right here in Chocorua, New Hampshire. Monkey Trunks offers adventure and fun for all ages and abilities. Groups and party discounts, so call ahead and make a reservation for your group.




If you are visiting us during the summer months, the Barnstormers is an absolute CAN'T MISS. Located in this quaint town center of Tamworth, the Barnstormers Theatre is one of the nations longest running professional theaters. During June, July, and August you can find true "gems" of live British and American theatre.



Shop local, eat local, sit back and listen to the smooth sounds of local musicians. The Lyceum never disappoints. Just a few steps away you will find Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile. Take a mixology class, learn to create infusions, or just snag some of their small batch gins for your special event weekend.



The local home of "wicked good food" White Gates Farm is an authentic farm to table experience. Their Farm-To-Table dinner and tour evenings feature a multi-course farm dinner experience showcasing 100% farm-fresh organic produce and meats, complemented by tours of the farm and its operations. They also boast a seasonal "cut your own" floral arrangement flower field, perfect for our wedding couples.

Love is in the air.

With Valentines Day just around the corner how fitting that we discovered some old time wedding photos here at The Preserve in the midst of our renovations. These incredible wedding photos are of the Hayford family, which was the very first family to run and own the property as a B&B. We hope you enjoy viewing these "antique" photos as much as we did. Some bridal inspiration maybe? 

Norah & John Hayford - Late 1800's

Raymond Guay & Mary Teresa Hayford - November 1950 

Bridal Inspiration Boards

First comes the proposal, next comes the Pinterest boards! Since the introduction of Pinterest, wedding planning has been taken to a whole new level of intensity. It has totally revolutionized the way couples plan their weddings. Pinterest is a wonderful tool to use as a spring board to start the planning and creative process. Often times brides become so overwhelmed with a plethora of unrelated images that it can be hard to focus in on their own "bridal style." So how does one determine their own unique style and start pulling all the elements together to tell their wedding day story? Say hello to the inspiration board. 

We recommend starting with good old fashioned scissors, glue, and paper. Start clipping only your "must have" and "absolutely love" images. Clearing the bridal clutter we call it. Think of your inspiration board as the chance to tell your unique story and put your vision on paper. Having a visual of each chapter of your story will help you create an overall cohesive and polished looked. Here are a few snapshots of just one of the inspiration boards we have been working on for one of our spring 2016 brides. 

January | New Beginnings

January! With it brings the excitement of a fresh start, a new year, endless possibilities. How fitting then that we announce the opening of New Hampshire's newest premier White Mountain wedding and event venue; The Preserve at Chocorua. We are excited to announce that our family has purchased this beautiful 26 acre estate in Tamworth, New Hampshire and have begun the process of rehabbing and restoring it to it's original splendor. It is our goal to provide guests with the most modern of conveniences while maintaining the historic charm of the property. We are eager to update you as we make improvements to the property. 

Hayford's in the Fields.